Special Finance Auto Loans

Obtaining Your Dream Car

When impossible to buy your dream car with cash there is always a loan waiting for you. Before doing so make sure you have a budget set. Check for available income to make monthly payments and pay other needs. Think of what you’ll have to go without to take out a loan for your dream […]

Capital One’s Charge Offs and Auto Delinquencies Rise in August

Capital One Financial Corp.’s auto loan delinquencies increased by 0.04% to reach 5.79% in August. Additionally, the financial organization’s 30-day delinquencies on its credit cards in America likewise rose last month going from 3.09% in July to 3.37% in August.   Capital One Financial Corp.’s charge offs, loans the bank does not think it will […]

OPEC Turns 52

The bearded lady has turned 52. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Companies (OPEC), founded by Iran, Iraq Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and some place called Venezuela on September 14, 1960, is an intergovernmental organization of oil-producing nations with the stated goal of determining the best ways to safeguard the interests of OPEC and its member […]

It’s Here: the Android CarFax App

That little fox in the white t-shirt is one cute hombre. And now you can find him not only on your television and computer, but also on your Android smart phone, for Car Fax has released an Android Car Fax application. The vehicle history report provider says that the mobile app will bring confidence and […]

Controlling Car Repair Costs – The Debt Free Car Project

The good lads around the corner at Edmunds.com are in the midst of a multi-part project called “The Debt-Free Car Project.” Since this writer dislikes debt as much as the next guy (Well, not as much as Dave Ramsey does, but I digress), this writer is enjoying the postings that are being produced as this […]

Consider A Vehicle’s Resale Value Before Buying

Buying a new vehicle constitutes the largest purchase most people will make other than their home. With the bottom falling out of the housing market, a new car may be the largest purchase many of us will make. Unfortunately, every new car will depreciate, but some less than others. Here are five resale related items […]